The Truth About Emotions: Monthly Webinar


What You Get

  • Minimum of one 4 “Emotions Exploration groups” per month.
    • Learn to become masters of your emotional system, through developing clarity, language, and maturity.
    • Rotating topics such as “Radical Honesty”, “Setting Boundaries”, “Radical Acceptance of what is”.
    • Run by trained facilitators in Bio Emotive and / or Authentic Relating Practices.
  • Max of 8 people per group, so you get lots of time for sharing and learning
  • Ongoing access to our “Emotions In Action” Vault
    • Which is basically a bunch of really good resources on how to apply this stuff to things like business, raising kids, meditation, etc.
  • Monthly Q + A conferences with Dr. Doug
  • Opportunity to get your personal questions clarified by Dr. Doug in his upcoming Q + A’s and Blogs
  • Access to our closed Facebook group where you can share your insights and curiosities about your journey


Once a month, you can work with Doug to get YOUR questions, answered.

We’ll have a 20 minute learning period, followed by at least 40 minutes of time for you and other emotional-clearing geeks and wisdom freaks.


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