Crash Course in Bio-Emotive & Circling

$180.00 / month for 3 months

3 payments of $180.00

Get Your Crash Course in Bio-Emotive and Circling Practice.


-THREE MONTHS OF BIO-EMOTIVE CIRCLING- Up to two opportunities per week (Regular $115/m)

-MECHANICS OF EMOTIONS Self-Paced Course (Regular $297) (4 workbook and 3+ hours of video)

– THREE SELF-PACED COURSE Group Discussions (Regular $120)

-BONUS: Weekly Q & A with Dr. Doug (Regular $20/month)

-BONUS: Masterclass with Dr. Doug (Regular $60/month)

NOTE: This three-session crash course in the Bio-Emotive Framework will provide you with the background and language you need to join in and feel at home in our Bio-Emotive Circling Community.

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This Crash-Course in Bio-Emotive and Circling is your opportunity to learn the Bio-Emotive Framework and get really solid support from both the community at large, and Ali, a Bio-Emotive Facilitator.

You’ll get a chance to ask her your questions about the workbooks as well as practice the different steps of Nedera so you can start learning the language of your emotional system and have enough of a foundation to join the community calls.