Starter Package: The Nedera Guidebook

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This 20+ page guidebook gives you a quick way to practice and understand all the nuances of the Nedera Process – one of the most powerful ways of cleaning up your emotional system.  While it is complete in itself, we find that most people really “get” the process only after they have participated in an experiential session with Dr. Tataryn, either individually or in a group setting.

The Guidebook features:

  • the core-teachings of the Nedera Process
  • An overview of each step
  • Printable worksheet

This Guidebook serves as an excellent introduction if you are just starting out, but also reinforces the fundamentals for long-time practitioners.

This powerful little Guidebook is often a pre-requisite for our more advanced programs.

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This two-part Guidebook will walk you through the Emotional Processing in a step-by-step fashion, helping you to understand each step of the process. Part one gives you an excellent overview of how everything works, and part two provides you with reusable exercises.




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