The Anatomy of Emotion – Free Introduction to Emotional Cycles

April 28, 2022 – 2:30-3:45 pm Central Time (Winnipeg)


One of the dangers of modern society is our inability to complete our emotional cycles. Emotional cycles are the basic hardwiring we were designed with to help keep us fit, functioning, and alive in the face of danger. But in our day and age, being stuck behind desks and forced to honor social procedures and hierarchies, our emotional cycles get disrupted, leaving us with health problems and other issues.


Join us for this free introduction to Emotional Cycles as part of our Six Week Intro To Emotions beginning May 5, 2022.


You will learn:

What is the anatomy of an emotional cycle?

What are the five ways we disrupt our emotional cycles?

What are powerful but simple ways to complete them?

Which disruption do you lean toward? What practices are best for you?


This is a 75 minute class that is now FREE, normally included in our six-week course, but we have decided to give this particular teaching away to the public because, ultimately, everyone should have this knowledge prior to doing deeper emotional work.