“We don’t come to a circle to meet people’s needs…

but in showing up with our truth, we often give exactly what people need, even if it’s not what they came in wanting”.


This Deep-Dive Weekend is for our Heart-Based Communication alumni to come and explore deeper depths of emotions, shadows, and gifts, more fully.

The Deep-Dive is about exploring the edges of your comfort zone and really honing your capacities you explored in Weekend One; in expressing desire, coming back to to the body and becoming more and more emotionally available, as you surrender to each moment of truth, more fully.

Notice, Imagine, Feel…

Register for this Bio-Emotive Circling Deep-Dive if you get excited about having space to lean into emotional worlds and even explore your discomfort so you can transformed by it. Register for this intensive if you long to help create the type of community you’ve been longing for.

  • Friday-10am-4pm
  • Saturday – 10am-4pm
  • Sunday 10am-4pm
  • Ali will be keeping her evenings free to stay and circle as endlessly as the flow calls… food and walks may be included 😉 )

All times in Central, Winnipeg, Manitoba. (GMT – 6)

There will be options for bio-emotive break-out rooms, should people need to do emotional clearing in response to insights that arise during a circle.

Many people will probably choose to keep circling long after 4pm. 🙂


I’ve created payment plans for those of you who have the cash, but just need a bit of extra time.

Please don’t hesitate to use a discount code if the payment plans are not enough for you to feel *great* about registering.



To those of you who can make the full payments, it’s very appreciated, thank you.