Bio-Emotive Focusing – Unpacking Somatic Pain


Do you have Chronic Pain that won’t go away?

Suffering from a chronically tense muscles, pain in your back, or an irritation/ activation/ pain somewhere in your body?

Have you tried everything that usually helps, like massage, yoga, stretching…. meditation, energy work, breathing exercises… Maybe even Nedera or EMDR but you just can’t get the the tension/ pain/ irritation to release…

Bio-Emotive Focusing, sister to the Nedera Process, is a structured step-by-step process developed by Dr. Tataryn in his early clinical years to help the many clients who were coming in with haunting physical pain that was not responding to the standard medical interventions.  It is a standardized form and process based on several experiential exercises Darlene was teaching in her expressive movement classes held in the 1980’s.

How It Works

The process is straight forward and based on the psycho-biological principles revealed by Dr. Tataryn’s Muscular Interference Theory of Repression.    By attending to the physical pain, deeply feeling into the experience, and answering a series of forced choice questions, you temporarily give the emotional brain prominence over the intellect, bypassing the muscular and intellectual barriers that usually guard the repressed material and keep it from consciousness.

At the end of this process you will have a waking-dream story, which is a direct translation of the somatic discomfort you have been experiencing into a psycho-dynamic narrative, making it possible for the intellect to now work directly with the repressed material.

As you read and re-read the “dream” you may find yourself astounded by the insights and cathartic emotional release that occurs, sometimes even before you formally interpret the material and experience how the symbols and dynamics map onto your present life.

This online Workshop takes place in 4 – three hour sessions over 2 weeks (instead of the 2 – seven hour days we originally planned it for).  This allows everyone in our world-wide Bio-Emotive Community to potentially participate in the workshop together.

It will take place mid-day (3:00 pm-6:00 pm CDT) for North Americans, early morning (7:00 am-10:00 am NZST) for our New Zealand friends, and late evening (10:00 pm-1:00 am CEST) for our friends in the Central European Time zone.

Please note: This is not a therapy or a support group but is designed to teach a method that uncovers repressed emotional material.  You should not attend if you are feeling emotionally unstable or if do not have adequate support or internal resources for dealing with such intensity.

Workshop Outline:

  • Sept 18, 2020 – Creating the Narrative
  • Sept 21, 2020 – Unpacking and Analyzing the Symbols
  • Sept 25, 2020 – Sharing and Deepening the Interpretation
  • Sept 28, 2020 – Integrating your Insights through Body, Emotion, or Connection work

Dr. Doug Tataryn will be the main facilitator.  His wife Dr. Darlene Tataryn, Spiritual Teacher and Expressive Therapist, and daughter, Authentic Relating and Circling facilitator Ali Tataryn, will each facilitate break-out groups as well as lead embodiment and sharing-integration circles, respectively.

Early Bird Pricing in effect until Midnight Sept 11, 2020 CDT (after which all prices increase by $70).

If you are a member of any of our Monthly Nedera or Circling programs (or purchased the Self-Paced Course) please use the pull-down menu to select a discount on this Event.  We appreciate your support.

Because of the international nature of our customer base, all prices are in US Dollars

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