Who’s this for?

Community, organization, and Retreat Leaders

People who have seen potency and edginess of circling and want to understand the hidden structures that can help you decide when to lean into conflict for service and when leaning into conflict is damaging.

Self-Starters who want to start or expand communication and emotional wellness businesses.

People who are ready to figure how to create safe spaces for challenging but needed discussion in their community

Leave the level 1 training:

Able to combine Authentic Relating, Communication, and Listening skills to create surprisingly deep and powerful discussion in your community or members area, without having to go into the difficult things like old trauma and conflict.

With 15-20 exercises in teaching powerful communication skills to newbies and three workshop models

Having shifted from sharing circles that lack depth to wildly powerful spaces for dialogue, insight, and connection

The confidence to touch into conflict and trigger without getting overwhelmed or tuned out

Have a worldwide network of peer support and business collaboration potential

(If you’re ready to navigate things like dissonance and conflict, develop the skills and frameworks to navigate those territories with confidence and elegance..(Level 2 and 3 trainings…)

Level 1- Foundations

Weekend 1: Emotional Clearing (Responsibility Training)

Weekend 2: Affective Communication Skills are Effective (Skillsets)

Weekend 3: Individual and Collective Shadow (Responsibility Training)

Weekend 4: Facilitating Relationships (Creating Safe Spaces) + Facilitating Large Groups (Creating Safe Spaces)

Weekend 5:Working with Triggers in yourself and others + Pulling dissonance to the surface, in service


Level 2- Conflict and Mediation (Fall 2022)*

Weekend 7:

Weekend 6: Deep Dive Circles  (Creating Safe Spaces and Deep Personal Breakthrough)

Practicum: Facilitate a 90 min, 3 hour, 1/2 day event

Coming Soon….

Weekend 8: 

Weekend 9: Testing Weekend

Weekend 10: Synergy, Marketing, and Business

Level 3: Unearthing Collective Wisdom*

To Be Specified

*Please note that this will be an additional payment


Airport: Winnipeg, Canada

Thurs, Fri, Sat + Wednesday and Sunday Arrival and Departure

By Application Only