We will start off out session spending some time talking about visions and the important role they play in structuring our lives and determining what is meaningful and worth spending our precious time pursuing.

Maurice and I will introduce LIA – Life Inventory Assessment – which is designed help you consciously create a vision for yourself and to bring clarity and focus to your personal and professional life priorities.

Together we will explore:

  1. Your life values and priorities portrayed in simple yet very comprehensive and very revealing two-dimensional Life Map
  2. How to use the Life Map to find the “low hanging fruit” of your life – those aspects that have the potential to make the greatest improvement in the quality of your life for the least amount of time and energy.
  3. Clicking on each Life Category immediately deconstructs your relationship to that aspect of your life into 5 important dimensions
    • Overall Happiness
    • Capability – How skilled are you and what kind of resources do you have in this area
    • Appropriateness of Time Spent – are you spending too little, too much, or just enough time in this area
    • Engagement – how present are you when you do show up
    • Visceral Felt Sense – Its fascinating and very revealing when this measure diverges from the Happiness measure.

We believe you will leave the class with a better understanding of visions and the important role they play in our lives  All participants will also leave with a clearer sense of your own vision and priorities in life, the blocks you have to obtaining that, and well as actionable insights on how to make your life more fulfilling and aligned with your values.

Not sure if you want to purchase the LIA yet?   Click here to listen to a few testimonials from people who have gone through the individual LIA Coaching process.

Please note that if you do want to participate in the LIA Group Coaching process the LIA must be completed prior to the class, before Thursday 1:00 CT.