Learn to deepen your meditation and enjoy your life more with these emotional clearing techniques.

Tools to help with the challenges of:

  • Mind Wandering
  • Physical Pain
  • Overwhelming Memories
  • Subtle Dullness

You will learn three effective practices:

  1. Bio-Emotive Focusing:
    • Use this practice to unpack and work with pain. When pain isn’t postural, it’s often psycho-emotional and can be worked with by finding and releasing the emotional pain are locked in your body.
  2. Core-Feeling Noting:
    • A practice which allows you to recognize underlying emotional patterns without “diving into” the pain.  Learn how to name the feeling behind the arising and put it aside, so you can stay with the object of attention.
  3. The NEDERA Process:
    • The practice to use when you’ve decided to make the intrusive emotion or thought your new object of attention so you can release it from haunting you and return to regular practice next sitting.

Sessions will include:

  • Weekly topic discussions 
  • Q & A’s from previous week exercises
  • Group and partner exercises on all three clearing methods
Important Message from Dr. Tataryn
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Dr. Douglas J Tataryn


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