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Nedera Group and Bio-Emotive Circling

From: $45.00 / month

Thursdays at 2:00PM CT .  Sessions will be 75 to 90 minutes depending on the group needs and process. (you might want to leave yourself the 2 hour block, for transition time)

We found the following format to be most effective way to cover all the bases

  • First Thursday of the month: Q + A with Dr. Tataryn
  • Second Thursday of the month: Nedera Emotional Clearing
  • Third Thursday of the month: Masterclass
  • Fourth Thursday of the month: Nedera Emotional Clearing

*No classes on 5th Thursday of the month

Learn NEDERA with Dr. Tataryn

NEDERA is the foundation of our emotional processing system.

  • If you are shut down emotionally this six-step process will help kick-start your emotional system back into working mode.
  • If you are open emotionally and able to cry easily but you are still haunted by your past, then this process will teach you how to resolve and make peace with that past.

Each week you will have an opportunity to clear your emotional burdens and gain clarity about how you can make better choices and show-up more fully for your family, community, and self.

This group will help you

  • Calm your mind and body
  • Get a good night’s sleep
  • Stop being haunted by past experiences
  • Clear feeling beliefs you carry
  • Connect with like-minded community

While the main focus of the Group is gaining basic emotional processing skills, we will teach and emphasize a variety of practices depending on the specific needs and questions of the community.

  1. The NEDERA Process:
    • The practice to use when you’ve decided to make the intrusive emotion or thought your new object of attention so you can release it from haunting you and return to regular practice next sitting.
  2. Finding Core Feeling Beliefs
    1. After you have mastered NEDERA and have direct and easy access to your emotional system you will naturally begin to notice patterns in your emotional reactions.   Dr Doug will help learn to put these into explicit Feeling Beliefs that will take your practice to the next level of emotional maturity and freedom.
  3. Affective Communication:
    • Finding your core and inter-personal feelings can go a long way to personal healing.  Learn to communicate those feelings in an effective way to enhance your relationships and deconstruct and heal long standing communication challenges between you and your loved ones!
Important Message from Dr. Tataryn
We are trying out a new method of payment called Pay What You Can.

Thank you to everyone who simply pays the recommended amount of $180 monthly. This helps Dr. Tataryn keep this work accessible.

If you are unable to pay the recommended amount then chose an option that works for you and your financial situation.

If you are in position to pay more the recommended amount please do so and help sponsor someone into the program!

Please be generous and contribute what you can so we can make this work and keep our services accessible to everyone who needs them.

Thank you,

Dr. Douglas J Tataryn


(Reminder: All prices are in USD. This is a recurring subscription and you will be charged each month you are a member.)

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This monthly membership is a way for you to get connected time with Dr. Tataryn without having to do intensive coaching.

You are welcome to attend as many or as few sessions per month.

You can cancel your subscription at anytime.

No refunds will be given if you attend less than four sessions per month. Rather than seeing this as paying for 4 classes a month, we would like you to treat this as a resource.  Initially you come intensely and learn the theory and process of Nedera and Affective Communication and then the group will become less about regular attendance and more about being a resource; a safe space to turn to, to be supported and understood by a loving and supportive community, at anytime you need to take a deeper dive into processing and integrating an intense event in your life.

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Nedera $85, BE Circling $85, Nedera and BE Circling $105, Nedera and BE Circling $115, Nedera and BE Circling $180, Nedera and BE Circling $200, BE Circling Scholarship $45

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