PRE-PURCHASE: Self Paced Six-Week Introduction NEDERA

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We will soon be offering our powerful six-week group training, in a SELF-PACED course!

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-The Anatomy of Emotion

-Chronic Emotional Activation


One woman who took our course for the first time:

Uly Knope, Mother, Business owner

I just completed my first course in Bio-Emotive. It feels to me to be an absolutely necessary foundation to…well everything. I now can’t imagine doing deep …without this practice to help process emotions and feelings that come up through the work. I can’t imagine moving through my daily life without it. There were times where I could be completely overwhelmed by anxiety and yes I had developed decent coping techniques, but this is more than that.

This framework gave me better coping techniques, a full understanding of what was happening in my body during any emotional activation, a method of differentiating my physical emotional reaction from my triggered feelings, a way to analyze and uproot those feelings to have total clarity on whatever was happening, find completion with those emotions instead of coping, and ultimately be able to move through my life with an mythological level of stability and tranquility. … So much love and respect for these folks and this work.