Welcome to our Bio-Emotive Framework Affiliates page. We want to honor the support and the energy you are putting into helping us create a healthier, happier, and more functional world and we appreciate that you are finding value in sending people our way. Please write Ali if you have any questions or concerns around how our affiliate links are set up.

You will be able to self-register and keep track of your account at your leisure.

Commissions: based on net, after paypal fee deduction.


Online products > $30:  30% (e.g. Self-Paced Course: $297 * .3 = $86)


Online products < $30:  40% (e.g. Cultivating Confidence: $7 *.4 = $2.7)


Online classes run by a facilitator:  20% (e.g., Emotions and Meditation Course: $300 * .2 = $58.14 – no commissions if they do not pay the full fee)


Coaching packages:  5% (e.g., 10 Session Package: $4,200 * .05 = $203.50)



  • There are no commissions for therapy clients as that is not allowed by my professional association.
  • Referral links all expire after 30 days (industry standard). In other words if you send someone to the site and they do not purchase anything within 30 days they lose their affiliation with you. It is assumed that if they do purchase after 30 days it is because the relationship with the Bio-Emotive Team was cultivated and that work eventually converted them into a customer.
  • Commissions for our Monthly Membership expire after 3 months.