Table of Emotions & Core Feelings

This summary handout outlines the relationship between the four emotions and the corresponding core feelings that activate them.  

It does not list inter-personal feelings since they are too numerous.  In general however, they create either a threatening or safe context for the person, which elicits the Anger-Fear or Happy-Sad emotions respectively.

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Assessing Core (Social Emotion) Feelings Template

This form is a stylized version of a process I use with my clients.  It can be used to help process the feelings associated with a particular upsetting event, recent or distant.  It can also be used to assess your Accidental Conditioned History feeling impressions (Our orienting feelings and beliefs that bias our interpretation of our world and relationships).

It is best done using the NEDERR process, (See the DVD), which has similarities to Gendlin’s Focusing process.

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Bio-Emotive Focusing -Unpacking Body Pain

Use this form to focus on a part of the body that is painful or “does not feel right”.  Through structured free association any underlying emotional tensions or trauma are translated into symbols and their meaning is discovered and released.    This is a very powerful process and also works well in a group context.   I used this form in the early 1990s and it helped develop the Bio-emotive framework.

This form is based on my work with my wife’s, (Dr Darlene Tataryn), workshops in expressive therapy.   It was my attempt to structure the powerful exploratory process she was teaching to release pain and tension from our physical bodies.  While her work allowed physical movement and sound and other creative and cathartic expression, this forms allows is more suited to facilitate individual insight and catharsis through more linear and verbal processes.

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