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What Is “Emotional Processing” and Why Does It Matter?

Emotional Processing is the ability experience, differentiate, and express the emotions you have going on inside you.


Processing your emotions stops you from being haunted by them and reduces the likelihood of you living in a state of “Chronic Emotional Activation” which means your body is in a constant stress-response. You can access states of creativity, relaxation, and motivation more easily.

How does it help clear my mind?

Its hard to think properly and stay focused on the task at hand when you are preoccupied with something else.   Being “preoccupied” with something is means you are emotionally activated or upset by it.    Process and clear the emotional upset and the mind becomes clear and able to focus again.

How can processing emotions help my physical health?

Physical health is more than just about diet and exercise.   There are so many ways Chronic Emotional Activation causes problems with the body.  It interferes with getting restorative sleep; weakens the immune system; stops the body’s Repair and Rejuvenation sequence, causing premature aging and disease; creates chronically tight muscles causing pain and soreness and making it more like to injure yourself while playing sports, if you fall, etc; causes chronic inflammation and its related mental and physical disorders, including weight gain, heart disease, diabetes, etc.

In other words reducing or eliminating Chronic Emotional Activation may be the single more important thing you can do to stay physically (and psychologically) healthy, right up there with exercise and a healthy diet…

How does processing emotions help my relationships?

The less distracted and upset you are by the your work and the day to day challenges of life, the more fully you can show up and be present for your family, your friends, and co-workers.

Emotional Processing also helps you break out of any dysfunctional patterns you are stuck in with some people, allowing healthier and more loving ways of being with that person.

How can can feeling my emotions help me have a happier life?

Most of us have a few unconscious Feeling Beliefs that weigh us down and stop us from trying to achieve our full potential.   We are unknowingly being driven and hindered by emotional distortions in how we see ourselves and the world around us.

When you practice Emotional Processing, you update your impressions and are able to make better decisions, engage with friends, family, clients and colleagues more fluidly, and remove the habitual patterns which unconsciously sabotage your goals and visions.

What makes it different than other processes?

Many self-help, healing, or spiritual practices don’t fully acknowledge all three levels of processing: The Intellectual, the Emotional, the Physical (and Behavioural)… and if they do, it’s often accidental.

Most processes favour one domain as being the only domain which must be worked with, sometimes leave the practitioner disconnected from their body, rigid, or “in your head”.

Also, the Bio-Emotive Framework has another unique secret super-power: Dr. Douglas J. Tataryn’s discovery of the 9-Core Feelings, the 9 feelings which all people seem to be wired to experience, and how to overcome them.

What’s The Best Way To Get Started?

We recommend starting with one of our Mechanics Of Emotions Intro courses. These trainings give you the educational (and some experiential) foundations in HOW this works.

We explain topics such as The Triune Brain, Social Emotions and Survival, Fight / Flight response, Relaxation response, and step-by-step guidance in how to find and process the feelings which are inside of you.



Each of the above on-line resources cover a lot of the same material.

The Group Training is most transformational because you are working with a group of like-minded people and have extra clarifications from your facilitator.  Plus it supports you in getting experience processing your emotions.

The Video Series and Booklets are for those of you who prefer to learn at your own pace, at your own time.

The Video Series is for those of you who just want to sit-back, relax, and watch some good educational content.

While the Nedera Guidebook is most valuable as an extra support for our Mechanics of Emotions Trainings.    You can also buy this little booklet on it’s own, and get detailed instructions on deep, body-based, emotional processing this way.

Once you have a clear understanding of how and why emotional processing is so important, you may want to try our intermediate trainings such as Emotions and Meditation, or our ongoing emotional-clearing meet ups.