Thank you for inquiring about coaching with Dr. Tataryn.

This can be a very deep work and will help identify and uproot the various emotional traumas and feeling beliefs that have accumulated over-time, that are likely hindering your ability to achieve your goals, are affecting your relationships, and possibly even affecting your health.

As the following Intake clarifies this work is not therapy and Dr. Tataryn will not be your therapist, even though this process involves crying and emotional work. If you have a mental health diagnosis you should ideally have a therapist to help you deal with that particular issue in your life. Because this work involved deep emotional processing it would be best if you had one or more people you can turn to for support if you do not have a therapist. Dr. Tataryn is not easily available for crisis calls.

Please start by completing this Life Coaching Overview and Assessment. It will give us a good idea of what you are looking for in our sessions and what kind of experience and skills and challenges you bring to the table and what your goals for our work together are. It will also clarify the differences between therapy and life-coaching with Dr. Tataryn.

Once you complete that you can purchase the package one of the following packages:

Five Session Package

Ten Session Package

Single Breakthrough Session

You can then book your first appoint (they are 50 minute sessions) using this link.

Let me know if you have any further questions or if we can help you with anything else. Contact Ali at