This instructional 3-DVD set provides a new and comprehensive overview of the emotional system and the vital, largely unrecognized role it plays in our daily lives.

From the basics of clarifying the difference between feelings and emotions, to revealing the nine core feelings and the way in which unconscious feeling beliefs shape our sense of self and lives, the insights on these annotated DVDs are practical tools for healing and enhancing personal well-being and relationships.


Disc 1

Disk one overviews the importance and primacy of emotions in everyday life and introduces important concepts such as: cultural alexithymia; how muscle tension helps us regulate emotions; the triune brain; survival and social emotions; and the two different types of emotional feelings.

Basic Introduction
Why Is This Important
The Primacy Of Emotions In Life
What You Will Learn From This Video
Cultural Alexithymia
The Triune Brain
MIT Theory
Emotions 101
Two Types Of Feelings

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Disc 2

Disk two builds on the first, illustrating how inter-personal feelings elicit core feelings which in turn elicit emotions. It also details the nine core feeling dimensions, the five steps necessary to clearly identify, process, express and resolve emotions, the central organizing importance of a “vision”, the five stages of crying, and the difference between healing and non-healing crying.

Survival Emotions
Social Emotions
Understanding Social Emotions and Feelings
Central Importance of Vision
NEDERR Circle Diagram
Processing the Three Aspects Of Emotions
Expressing the Three Aspects Of Emotions
Appropriate Levels Of Communication
Emotional Brain Characteristics
Intellectual Brain Characteristics
Five Stages Of Crying
Two Types Of Crying

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Disc 3

Disk three provides refreshing new insights and ways of working with common mental health challenges such as stress, depression, anxiety, and chronic anger. These insights include the nature of feeling beliefs, the impact of your accidental conditioned history on your sense of self, and the notion of “Cultural DNA”.

A New Look at…
A New Look at Stress
A New Look At Anxiety
A New Look At Anger
Socially Appropriate Anger
A New Look At Depression
Accidental Conditioned History
Feeling Beliefs Logic
“I Am…” VS. “I Feel…”
Importance of Saying It Out Loud
Function and Dysfunction of Feeling Beliefs
Cultural DNA

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