Thursdays at 2pm CT

Mar 4, 11, 18, 25 April 1, 08

90 min.

Three states of consciousness

How the emotional brain works

How dreams are the royal road to the Unconscious

How to interpret the symbols in your dream

Different methods for making sense of the symbols

(Overview of the three methods)


Method One: You Are Everyone In The Dream

Method Two: Identifying The Archetypes

Method Three: All The World’s A Stage

Method Four: The Feeling of Symbols


Each Week Involves:

Sharing on dreams, insights, and transformations

Share dream insight from previous weeks work

Choose a dream to work on as a group

Write our dream according to the Bio-Emotive Dreams Template

Write out interpretation

Do group sharing, dialogue and practices

Homework: Everyone interprets their dream for next week, using the template we just learned.


You know you have the dream when the pieces both fall apart and come together at the same time”  Dr. Douglas J Tataryn