This investment isn’t for everyone, but well worth it if you are up for it.

It’s intense one on one time with Dr. Tataryn as he teaches you how to eradicate your emotional sensitivities and self-sabotaging behaviors that have kept you from reaching your full potential either in business or in your relationships.   We do so by identifying and resolving the limiting feeling beliefs you acquired in your formative years.

Unlike motivational weekends, positive affirmations, and many other interventions, once you have resolved and updated a dysfunctional emotional impression using the Bio-Emotive Framework it is gone for good.  There will be nothing to cope with, nothing to fight against afterwards.    You will find yourself feeling lighter and brighter, more functional, more energetic, and more alive.


This package includes:

  • 10 weeks of 50-60 minutes once-a-week sessions (save $800 on the per session cost).
  • Email or text summaries of your Feeling Beliefs after each session, so you can integrate faster.
  • Personalized instruction to keep you moving forward after the ten weeks are over.
  • (Option to intensify the process by meeting 2x – 3x a week, scheduling permitted)

Additional Weekly Contact:

  • Unlimited emails or text messages (within reason) with priority access to Dr. Tataryn for questions, clarification, and guidance between sessions.
    • Up to ten (10) emergency-type or “I just need a minute of your time” phone calls/ Skype/ Zoom sessions (roughly 10 minutes each).

Additional Package Bonuses:

  • One month of free membership in the On-line Nedera Processing Group (usually $147/month).
  • Unlimited access to The BEF Online Video Series ($199.99 value)
  • A free Download of the Nedera Guidebook ($37.00 value)