Use of Content and Video Series

Thank you for purchasing one of our products and investing in this material. We have worked tirelessly to be able to provide you with a strong foundation in emotional processing.

Please read on as we  cover a few ground rules around sharing our products.

Our video series, and other digital content, is a way of getting a thorough overview of the Bio-Emotive Framework out to people who cannot afford to work with Dr. Tataryn on a one-on-one client basis through his psychology and coaching practice.

If you’d like to share the power of this work with friends and family, we ask you to follow this protocol:

For friends, extended family, and colleagues, we ask that you gather together, and view it at the same time, from a single screen, and not share your login information.  This allows you to build and grow your personal community around emotional processing and relating in a way that creates meaningful discussion and relationships.

For immediate family, you are welcome to share your personal login information, but we still encourage you to gather and go through the material together, for the same reasons as mentioned above.   Please remember to inform your family members of this agreement not to share the login information with others.

Under no circumstances can you be charging money or bartering services with others, for them to view this work.  We would consider this stealing and terminate your account without refund.

If you are a leader, coach, or just plain inspired to share this work with your community, please contact us.     We’d love to talk about how you can help us fulfill our mission of disseminating this material to as many people as possible.

if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll talk!

Thank you!

Dr. Douglas J. Tataryn

and the Bio-Emotive Team