I AM 2021 – How the Four Facets of Human Transformation Create the Human Psyche

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The Four Facets of Personal and Spiritual Development

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ATTMind Ep. 26 Podcast with James Jesso: A Crash Course In Emotional Intelligence:

Healing After Birth with Jennifer Summerfeldt: Emotions, Feelings, Sensations - Making Sense Out of Our Emotional Body

This is a podcast for moms who want to explore matters of the heart and find meaning in motherhood.
– Are you struggling with motherhood?
– Are you having a hard time during the postpartum period?
– Did you have a difficult, challenging, or traumatic childbirth experience?
– Do you want to learn more about postpartum mental health?
– Do you want to cultivate healthy thriving relationships?
This podcast includes both interviews by professionals in the field of maternal health and vulnerable stories shared by everyday moms.

ATTMind Ep. 124: Podcast with James Jesso: The Four Facets of Human Transformation

Or watch it here on the James’s website with his summary of the content and how it relates to the first episode I did on his podcast.