Learning the Bio-Emotive Framework is your first step towards moving beyond emotional regulation into Emotional Mastery.


Our  self-guided training including video teachings, workbooks, and journaling prompts.

This course Bio-Emotive or Circling Intensives is a the prerequisite for many of our more specialized trainings and memberships.

The series covers things like:

  • How our culture suffers from Cultural Alexithymia, and why it’s bad for our health.
  • How muscle-tension is a sign of unprocessed emotions
  • The theory of the Triune Brain and it’s relationship to the limbic system (Emotional System)
  • The Five Stages of Crying
  • Healing and Non-Healing Crying

You’ll get:

  • Approx. 2.5 hours of video teachings (Four 1/2 hour trainings (plus a bonus)
  • Four printable ebook summaries and worksheets
  • One online meeting with Ali. She will answer any questions about the material and support you in staying on-track with your goals for learning the material. (To be used within 90 days of purchase)
  • BONUS: NEDERA 101: Your Experiential Guide to Emotional Processing
    • Four ways we disrupt the body’s emotional cycle
    • The difference between completing the emotional cycle, and resolving it in the first place
    • How to use the Nedrea Process to “follow the feeling” to truly resolve the issues that haunt you, not just cope
    • A close up on the Nine Core Feelings
    • Watch videos and complete the exercises at your own pace
    • Use the journal prompts again and again


NEDERA 101: Get 6 step-by-step videos and question sheets to give you the nuanced breakdown you need, to do Nedera at home.