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Emotional Clearing in Meditation

In November 2015 my life circumstances underwent a rare convergence of events, all sorts of things fell into place, and I was able to participate in a one-month Co-working Retreat Program at the Center for Mindful Learning in Vermont (I highly recommend this retreat center).   As excited as I was, I was also quite terrified.   Not a lot of Formal Sitting practice but... I hadn't been to a formal retreat for decades and my daily routine did not include a formal sitting practice. (I had however been "sitting" once a week with my wife, my brothers and a few close friends for a few decades).  I started into the retreat with 6 to 8 hours of sitting a day, to find myself actually settling into some fairly deep states.  This surprised not only me, but the wonderful, wise, and compassionate Soryu Foral, the Founder and Head Monk at the Center.  While he did not say it or show it explicitly I believe he was more than little intrigued - how was it that I, a "householder" with no formal daily practice, was already obtaining depth-experiences normally associated with long retreat settings or years of formal daily meditation practice. So what was going on? There are two factors that makes sense to me.  One is that I did have a series of in-life practices I did routinely, on and off, over the decades.   Things like doing mantras while commuting to work, or placing my attention solely on sensory [...]

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We Are All Alexithymic

A nine minute talk presented at the symposium “Working With Feelings: Affect and the Practice of Everyday Life”, St. John’s College, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada (March 12, 2010). BEF we_are_all_alexithymic_v5

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The Nine Core Feelings

I “discovered” these nine core feelings after three years of data collection with my clients (presented at the 2010 Integral Theory Conference).  After I arranged them into this table their relationships and meanings became much clearer and this table became the foundation of the Bio-Emotive Framework, giving rise to the three-step sequence of emotional processing: Interpersonal feelings elicit core feelings which in turn elicit emotions (and their behaviours) The video series goes into detail about how and why these are such powerful words and yet ask a person how they are feeling and very few will actually come up with any of them (see cultural alexithymia).   If you want to get a sense of how potent they can be, try sitting quietly and saying “I feel X” (where X is one of the core feelings) out loud to yourself or a partner two or three time.  Go through all nine of them.  There is a good chance, particularly if you are a bit upset at the time, that one or more of the words will cause your body to reverberate, even just a little.  That is a sign that you are getting more emotionally activated and you should allow yourself to breath and feel that activation, allow it to get bigger, and pay attention to any memories or images that arise are you do.  If you are processing the sad side of the core feelings, let yourself cry if the feelings are strong enough.  If you are processing the happy side of the core feelings, let yourself smile and [...]

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