Bio-Emotive Circling

Bio-Emotive Circling

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Each week get learn the skills to listen more deeply, discover areas of growth, and access our deeper truths.




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Join us for regular Bio-Emotive Circling.

 It’s a membership. (Not a course)

This means that there is fluidity and flexibility.
You can join as often or as little as your schedule allows. You can miss many circles in a row and still be able to show up as you are.

We keep the price accessible, so you have the security and consistency of our community meet-ups, without the stress of having to attend every session.

Consider us your weekly, cozy, cup of tea with friends.

Bio-Emotive Circling is a practice of deep connection to self and other.

It provides us the opportunity to slow down and practice bring present with the subtleties of our experience while connecting with other people.

In this way we may better understand ourselves.–

Our fears, biases, and personal preferences come to light and we are granted a space to explore these aspects within a safe container we co-create. We can  use bio-emotive clearing when we discover deep activations that can be cleared.

Circling teaches us about meaningful, present, and heartfelt communication.

In the arena of a circle, we practice our multi-level communication skills.
We develop the capacity to listen with compassion, monitoring our inner world, owning our experience, and learning how to communicate our perspectives in non-threatening manners.

As we get more comfortable, we also learn to take risks and speak our truth and navigate our leading edges, with skillfulness.

A dedicated circling practice will change the way you interact with the world.

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To take the membership, you must have also taken a 2-day intro course to Bio-Emotive Circling. Please Email Ali (or check our calendar) to find out when the next one is being hosted.


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