Conquering Anxiety (Guided Audio)

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Get Conquering Anxiety – Emotional Clarity On the Go – the 10 minute audio program that helps you overcome anxiety, stress, and fear with Dr. Doug Tataryn’s powerful Bio-Emotive Process.

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  • Basic Video Series


    2.25 hours of annotated video in 35 accessible chapters.  Each time you watch you will have new insights and understandings into how your emotional systems is wired with Limiting Feeling Beliefs that stop you from leading the life you are searching for!

  • Learn the theory of the Bio-Emotive Framework


    If you're not into groups, but you still want to learn this material thoroughly, the self-paced intro course is right for you.

    A series of questions after each module, you will learn the Basic Video Series thoroughly by using our booklets as a guide to explore, unpack, and begin to understand and re-wire the impact of emotional conditioning.

    This course, along with the video series, is a the prerequisite for many of our more specialized trainings.

    The series covers things like:

    • How our culture suffers from Cultural Alexithymia, and why it's bad for our health.
    • How muscle-tension is a sign of unprocessed emotions
    • The theory of the Triune Brain and it's relationship to the limbic system (Emotional System)
    • The Five Stages of Crying
    • Healing and Non-Healing Crying
    • Nedera: The body's natural 6-step healing process.

    You'll get:

    • The Basic Video Series (Four 1/2 hour trainings (plus a bonus)
    • Four Printable Booklets with summaries and worksheets
    • Four online meetings with Ali. She will answer any questions about the material and support you in staying on-track with your goals for learning the material. (To be used within 90 days of purchase)

    This self-paced course can be completed in an afternoon, or worked on over as many weeks as you'd like. You can use the worksheets again and again.