If you’re not into groups, but you still want to learn this material thoroughly, the self-paced intro course is right for you.

A series of questions after each module, you will learn the Basic Video Series thoroughly by using our booklets as a guide to explore, unpack, and begin to understand and re-wire the impact of emotional conditioning.

This course, along with the video series, is a the prerequisite for many of our more specialized trainings.

The series covers things like:

  • How our culture suffers from Cultural Alexithymia, and why it’s bad for our health.
  • How muscle-tension is a sign of unprocessed emotions
  • The theory of the Triune Brain and it’s relationship to the limbic system (Emotional System)
  • The Five Stages of Crying
  • Healing and Non-Healing Crying
  • Nedera: The body’s natural 6-step healing process.

You’ll get:

  • The Basic Video Series (Four 1/2 hour trainings (plus a bonus)
  • Four Printable Booklets with summaries and worksheets
  • Four online meetings with Ali. She will answer any questions about the material and support you in staying on-track with your goals for learning the material. (To be used within 90 days of purchase)

This self-paced course can be completed in an afternoon, or worked on over as many weeks as you’d like. You can use the worksheets again and again.