Work with Hoji Alexandra (Ali)

Together we will spend time uncovering the hidden maps within your inner emotional landscape and finding the specific feeling beliefs an stories that need to be expressed and released through the body.

More packages:

-Communication Skills for Couples and Families

-Expressing emotion and developing spontaneity

-Working with art, writing, and dreams

-Setting and communicating boundaries in connective ways

-Organizing your life and/or creating a vision
These sessions may include exercises, homework, and general teaching of concepts.
Please contact for details.


“I’ve never met anyone like Ali. She’s a master of the Bio-Emotive Framework, an amazing teacher and a devoted listener. If you want an honest, respectful guide to open the door on improving your relationships with yourself and others, Ali will teach you.” -Lois – Communication Skills Coaching and Workshop Attendee

WAITING LIST ONLY – Winter 2022/2023



Because of the international nature of our customer base, all prices are in US dollars