Work with Hoji Alexandra (Ali)

Ali offers 1:1 coaching and counseling as well as group mediation, combining the bio-emotive framework, multi-level communication, and Integral Circling practices.

“I’ve never met anyone like Ali. She’s a master of the Bio-Emotive Framework, an amazing teacher and a devoted listener. If you want an honest, respectful guide to open the door on improving your relationships with yourself and others, Ali will teach you.” Lois Kramer

“…the way the material was delivered and facilitated by Ali. She was dropped in, tuned in, caring for the group while also caring for the individuals. She led by example, showing up authentically. She stayed on track, while also veering off still within the topics, but to explore where the group wanted to go.” -Melissa Atkins

About Alexandra

Alexandra Hōji Tataryn (Ali) is a facilitator and artist, and a pioneer in developing conversation technologies. She has created and designed online programs and workshops. She does 1:1 coaching and counseling and group mediation.

Her unique expertise comes from 10+ years acting and performing, alongside completing the Red River Counseling Program at the age of 20, and the Expressive Arts Facilitation program through WHEAT Institute in 2015 as well as Integral Circling Facilitation in 2013.

Ali is part of the Rinzai Zen Hollow Bones Lineage, a dedicated practitioner of The Karma Kagyu Lineage, an emergent thought leader in Embodied Dharma teachings, and regularly works with several aboriginal and shamanic teachers, embracing her Metis heritage.

She is a Certified Teacher of The Mind Illuminated method of meditation, having completed a 4 year teacher training program with Culadasa John Yates, Ph.D. in Sept 2020 and a Mondo Zen Facilitator.

Ali worked for many years in the foster care system and running an inner city art space in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

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