Explore the depths of your emotional world and patterns with Dr. Tataryn’s Bio-Emotive Transformational Coaching. During one-on-one sessions, Dr. Tataryn uses the Bio-Emotive, EBIQ Integral, and the Four Facets (of Personal and Spiritual transformation) frameworks to identify internal challenges and re-write your Accidental Conditioned History (ACH).

Your ACH emotional scars that show up as hyper-sensitivities and self-sabotaging behaviors that keep you from reaching your full potential in personal, relational, and business lives. By identifying and re-wiring portions of your ACH, you can remove the major internal barriers to accomplishing your goals.

Unlike most coaching approaches, Bio-Emotive Transformational Coaching works directly with your ACH rather than focusing on insight or behaviours and discipline. Dr. Tataryn’s coaching is designed to help you feel lighter, brighter, more functional, more energetic, and more alive.

If you’re looking for a different kind of coaching experience that focuses on coming to better understand and clear your emotional landscape and patterns, consider Bio-Emotive Transformational Coaching with Dr. Tataryn.

Not sure about one on one coaching?   Our Self-Paced Course on emotional processing or one of the online groups we now run regularly can provide a powerful introduction to this way of working.

Please Note:  “Hour long” sessions with Dr. Doug are 50-55 minutes long.  All prices in USD.  Monthly subscriptions expire after 12 months.  In months that contain 5 possible sessions we will by default use the 5th session time as a mini-holiday from meeting.