Need guidance on your meditation practice?

Looking for help connecting to and feeling embodied?

Need some support becoming more fluid and expressive and letting go of your intellectual dominance over these other ways of being?

A single session or series with Darlene may help a lot.

About Darlene

A pioneer, Darlene has been doing the work since the early 70’s. Her depth insight comes from working deeply with somatic healing, dance therapy, movement, meditation, and other mystic practices.  She is the originator of the Asaya Process and Maitreya’s Chair; two practices which open this breathing body into receptivity, release tension, realign the spine, and bring the body into natural, blissfully calming, self-healing cycles.

As a long time Meditation instructor and Counselor with an Expressive Therapy Bias, Darlene understands and is able to navigate between the disciplines of therapy and meditation.  She is steeped in the understanding of the interconnection and interdependence of all of nature.  As a Zen Priest and Mondo Zen facilitator, she is able to guide and orient healthy ego function to the service of clarity and depth of heart and mind.

Darlene deeply established in in the Rinzai Zen Hollow Bones Lineage, The Karma Kagyu Lineage, and Sahaj Marg.  Darlene is a Certified Teacher of The Mind Illuminated method of meditation, having completed a 4 year teacher training program with Culadasa John Yates, Ph.D. in Sept 2020.

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