Using the principles of the Bio-Emotive framework (and her many other skills) Ali will help you identify and work through the feeling beliefs and blocks interfering with your ability to achieve your goals.

Ali’s many skill sets include training as a Bio-Emotive Coach, Expressive Arts Therapist, Bio-Emotive Circling facilitator, a Multi-Level Communication trainer, a Mondo Zen facilitator, a certified Meditation teacher, and group-space thought leader.

Her refreshing, multi-perspectival embrace of the reality you are presently struggling with will provide you with new perspectives and insights and practices to help you blossom into the life you yearn to be living.

One of her gifts is in consciously bringing together somatic, emotional, intellectual, and energetic awareness into dialogues.

She also brings a deeply personal relational honesty and embodied intensity to her work as a teacher and facilitator.

About Alexandra

Alexandra Hōji Tataryn (Ali) is a facilitator and artist, and a pioneer in developing conversation technologies, including the Multi-Level Communication program we use as part of our Bio-Emotive Circling training program.

Her unique expertise comes from 10+ years actor and meditation practitioner, completing the Red River Counseling Program at the age of 20, and the Winnipeg Healing and Expressive Arts Training program in 2015.

Ali is part of the Rinzai Zen Hollow Bones Lineage, a dedicated practitioner of The Karma Kagyu Lineage, an emergent thought leader in Embodied Dharma teachings, and regularly works with several aboriginal and shamanic teachers, embracing her Metis heritage.

She is a Certified Teacher of The Mind Illuminated method of meditation, having completed a 4 year teacher training program with Culadasa John Yates, Ph.D. in Sept 2020.

Group and Corporate Work

Ali also leads workshops in embodied movement, Bio-Emotive processing, Bio-Emotive Circling for conflict resolution, and art for emotional healing.

When working with groups she is keenly attuned to creating conditions for We-spaces and other higher collective intelligences to emerge.

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Because of the international nature of our customer base, all prices are in US dollars