Get support in practicing emotional processing

Work with Hoji Alexandra Tataryn, our head bio-emotive facilitator to practice Emotional Processing.

This package of three 50 minute sessions includes:

  • 1:1 time for asking questions without the pressure of other attendees
  • 1:1 time for Hoji to guide you through Nedera
  • 1:1 time for the two of your to identify your blocks/patterns/tendencies
  • Receive suggestions for what to put your attention on, when processing
For long term clients, 1 in 6 sessions may be used for deeper organization of your notes and/or review of our progress and updating our intentions of together.

“I’ve never met anyone like Alexandra. She’s a master of the Bio-Emotive Framework, an amazing teacher and a devoted listener. If you want an honest, respectful guide to open the door on improving your relationships with yourself and others, Ali will teach you.” -Lois – Communication Skills Coaching and Workshop Attendee



Because of the international nature of our customer base, all prices are in US dollars