One on one sessions with Dr. Doug are generally very intense experiences focused on exploring the depths of your emotional world and patterns.

During these experiential sessions Dr. Doug will also teach different aspects of his Bio-Emotive and EBIQ Integral frameworks, as is appropriate, so that you have both the conceptual understanding and the processing tools to address the internal challenges being worked with.

Bio-Emotive Transformational Coaching is very different from most coaching approaches that focus on daily structures and discipline that attempt to over-ride the dysfunctional patterns of childhood that interfere with you attaining your goals.

The Bio-Emotive Framework works directly with identifying and re-writing our Accidental Conditioned History (ACH).

Our ACH was created from the specific events and inter-personal encounters of our youth.

Most of our ACH was completely unintentional and accidental, and yet it that shapes our deepest sense of Self, our sense self worth, our self-efficacy, our sense of adequacy, etc.

Our ACH is basically how we feel about ourselves, which can often be at odds with what we rationally know to be true.

You can think of your ACH as emotional scars that show up as the hyper-sensitivities and self-sabotaging behaviors that keep you from reaching the full potential of your personal, relational, and business lives.

Once you have identified and re-wired portions of your ACH using the techniques and skills of the Bio-Emotive Framework, that misalignment in your psycho-emotional system is generally gone for good.

By working directly with your ACH we work to remove the major internal barriers you have to accomplishing your goals.

A wonderful side-effect of this work is that people report also feeling lighter, brighter, more functional, more energetic, and more alive.

Please Note:  “Hour long” sessions with Dr. Doug are 50-55 minutes long