For people intrigued with Dr. Tataryn’s conceptual maps and who want to continue learning more of his ideas and frameworks to better understand themselves and the world around them.
This is wonderful space and opportunity to interact with Dr. Tataryn and your fellow Journeyers on important life questions.Ā  A time set aside to learn, understand, connect, ask questions and get practical answers to nuances of life you have been wondering about, but didn’t know who to ask.
“If you want to become a Master of your own Destiny, you must first understand where you are and why you are the way you are”.
-Dr. Douglas J. Tataryn
Masterclass sessions are the third Thursday of the month at 2:00PM CT.
Sessions are formally 60 to 75 minutes long (though you may want to book the full 1.5 hours just in case). šŸ˜‰
Note: This is a monthly recurringĀ  billing, which is why you are offered a discounted rate.Ā  We ask that you commit for at least 3 months but are welcome to cancel at anytime if you are not 100% satisfied with the Masterclass.
Also Includes:
  • Attendance at the Monthly Q&A session with Dr. Tataryn
  • Access to the Masterclass and Q&A Video Archives
Note: Because of the international nature of our audience all costs are in US Dollars